Agile FIX Testing with Ignition 1.13

Agile FIX Testing with Ignition 1.13

FIX testing, QA, and onboarding are together a longstanding and growing pain point in finance. Flyer recognizes this, and has a series of initiatives aimed at improving the state of the industry and reducing the total cost of FIX infrastructure.

Ignition is Flyer’s FIX protocol testing, certification, and simulation platform. One tool in the toolbox for FIX testing, alongside our FIX Monitoring/Certification Platform and our FIX Engine, Ignition has long provided a repeatable way to test and verify FIX Rules of Engagement. It is a powerful tool aimed at full QA and regression testing.

With the release of Ignition 1.13, we expand this story to face the real, practical needs of FIX teams in 2017. Quick response to new problems, rapid testing of workflows on the fly: not every bug can wait for a full QA cycle. Modern agile FIX teams need modern agile tools.

Ignition 1.13 Features

Quick Testing Templates

Ignition now has custom screens for quickly sending FIX messages ad hoc.

Sometimes FIX onboarding requires extensive, strict scenario testing. But many times, it requires a simple sanity check. Quickly build templates for order entry or other workflows, share them across your FIX teams, and have ready access to spot testing. Ignition’s templates reduce the time-to-market when all you need is a simple test.


Templates are easily created, imported, exported, and shared, ensuring reuseability. Include data entry fields, calculated fields, hard coded fields, dropdowns, etc…


Example use case: testing or fine tuning algo parameters on order entry

Integrated Live FIX Blotter

Ignition not only sends and receives the FIX flows being tested, but displays them in a fully featured live-updating blotter, just like in our Daytona Trade Monitor. Monitor a test live, explore the results immediately.


Example use case: analyzing why a FIX workflow failed validation

FIX Log Replay

Ignition has always had the capability to replay FIX logs. Now, it is a powerful and configurable platform for this. Control the replay with a sophisticated dashboard, tune the message rate, even replay extremely large files.


Example Use Case: replaying production FIX logs through test environments for verification

FpML Support

FpML – the Financial products Markup Language – is an XML message standard used heavily in OTC Derivatives. Ignition now fully supports its use when importing FIX logs that have FpML data embedded in FIX tags.

FUEL Support

Flyer’s FIX Universal Expression Language is a powerful tool for expressing and searching FIX messages. It is now available in Ignition within the FIX blotters for quick and easy filtering.

FIX Flyer is committed to improving the speed, consistency, and repeatability of FIX testing and onboarding. Ignition 1.13 is one step. Our Daytona Rules of Engagement Validation platform is another.

Contact us to see full release notes or get more information!

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