Daytona Trade Monitor 4.5

Flyer is pleased to announce the release of version 4.5 of our Daytona Trade Monitor platform.

Application Monitoring

Daytona can now monitor application and FIX engine logs independently from FIX logs, raising alerts from your infrastructure alongside the already powerful Daytona alerting capabilities.

Rejection Alert

A new alert template focuses specifically on FIX rejections, bringing the context of the problem directly into the alert console for your team to investigate.

Password Security Policies

Password policies, like complexity requirements or expiration, can now be applied to users of Daytona within your organization.

Dynamic Session Labels

FIX sessions can now be organized easily with labels (e.g., “Region” or “Workflow”), directly or inherited from their respective FIX engines.


Contact your sales rep for detailed release notes or to get an upgrade today!

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