Daytona Trade Monitor 4.3

Flyer is pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of our Daytona Trade Monitor platform. In addition to adding a large number of client requested features and general improvements, we’ve added a laundry list of new capabilities!

Business Entities

Virtual FIX sessions can now be created from subsets of a single sessions’ flows and/or aggregates of flows from multiple sessions.

User Custom Addressing

Individual Daytona Client users can now be configured to use alternate hostname/IP paths for access to the Web Server and/or Storage Servers.

OUCH Protocol Support

OUCH messages detected by a Network Capture Agent are now parsed as FIX messages and can be displayed in Daytona. OUCH-specific fields are translated info FIX.

Multiday Order Trace and History

Multiday orders are now generally able to be traced across multiple days, and will show order history for the full order: not just the current day.

Enhanced Support for Flyer F1 and Flyer Engine 6.0

Daytona now supports advanced types of logging and FIX session identification introduced in Formula 1 3.0 and Flyer Engine 6.0.

Drop Copy Support in Trades Tab

The Trades Tab will now display order statuses for drop copy FIX sessions (where only execution reports are available).

“Analyze FIX Log” Workflow Improved

Locally analyzing FIX log files now has a streamlined workflow and improved performance.

Icons in Session Workbench for Streaming

Icons and filters introduced to make it clear what sessions are currently streaming in a given client.

Network Capture Stability/Performance Improvements

The Daytona Network Capture Agent is fast, more efficient, and more

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