Daytona Trade Monitor 4.6

Daytona 4.6 – Rules of Engagement

September 19, 2016

NEW YORK, NY — Flyer is pleased to announce the release of version 4.6 of our Daytona Trade Monitor platform.

Machine-readable Rules of Engagement make their debut in Daytona with our automated message and workflow Validations Framework. Express message validations and workflows as validation suites, and monitor live FIX sessions for compliance and demonstration. Detect and validate individual messages, required tags, compliant tag values, request/response workflows, and adverse “blocker” situations (e.g., reject storms, disallowed transactions, etc…).

We also extend our FUEL (FIX Universal Expression Language) syntax with better repeating group support and regular expressions, allowing for complex queries and content-driven alerts.

Contact your sales rep for detailed release notes or to get an upgrade today!

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