FIX Flyer Reaches Distribution Agreement with FIX Solutions in Germany

Frankfurt Based Partner Boosts Software Offering for Automated Trading by Adding FIX Flyer Products

May 4, 2011

New York, NY — FIX Flyer, a world leader in trading infrastructure solutions, today announced it has signed an agreement permitting Frankfurt based FIX Solutions GmbH, to distribute FIX Flyer’s software tools products. FIX Solutions a recently established new entity and subsidiary of STS and ICF Systems, Germany’s leading providers for software solutions and managed services for the German financial industry. Just like FIX Flyer, FIX Solutions is IBM business partner, bringing the latest trends and technologies to the electronic trading community.

FIX Solutions will offer FIX Flyer’s extensive line of electronic trading software tools, including the Flyer FIX Engine, Daytona monitor, and Ignition testing automation suite exclusively throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, plus provide critical technical support services. FIX Solutions will also provide fully managed connectivity solutions such as Managed FIX as part of this agreement using FIX Flyer’s trading software tools.

The agreement furthers FIX Solutions’ commitment to growing the trading technology market by strengthening the quality of automated trading in the region. FIX Solutions’ commitment to electronic trading includes offering local technical support, system integration, low latency trading expertise and FIX certification.

“The addition of FIX Flyer’s world–class products to our existing capabilities makes it easier for FIX Solutions to provide our customers with a complete FIX solution,” said Marc Wenzel, managing director of FIX Solutions. “We’re committed to offering products to the trading community that will provide them with the best opportunities for success in electronic trading.”

“Nothing is more mission–critical or time–critical than dealing with financial information in real–time, whether through FIX based trading applications, broker connections or communications with market exchanges. Ultra–fast FIX software, efficient performance and availability for these components, all key pieces of our FIX Solutions portfolio, directly impact the bottom line,” said Harald Spanuth, Managing Director at FIX Solutions. “We firmly believe FIX Flyer’s leading solutions are a necessary component for the new realities of low latency and algorithmic trading.”

“This agreement strengthens the distribution channel FIX Flyer uses to support our expanding group of clients and vendor partners, complementing our offering significantly,” said Brian Ross, Chief Executive Officer of FIX Flyer. “FIX Solutions now is capable of providing great support for our tools in the D–A–CH and BeNeLux regions.”

About FIX Solutions

FIX Solutions GmbH is the German partner for FIX Flyer US, bringing exclusively their products in combination with IT services to the D–A–CH and BeNeLux markets. Major exchanges are moving from their existing protocols to the well–known and standardized FIX protocol, which helps to speed up infrastructure and makes cross connectivity to other systems much easier.

Due to these major changes in Europeans trading connectivity and interfaces which will be designed and optimized for the FIX protocol, the FIX Solutions GmbH is the partner to assure that your trading environment will be transparent, ultra–fast and highly profitable.

The powerful Flyer FIX Engine, Daytona monitoring, Ignition testing tools and other services around the FIX protocol, reaching from just software licensing to mission critical set ups, project management, technical support, and training that follow the credo of “design, build, implement and run”.

About FIX Flyer

FIX Flyer develops and operates advanced technology for anaging complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies.

Since 2005, as an agile technology provider, we have partnered with our 170+ clients worldwide, including UBS, Barclays, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Berenberg, Unicredit, GBM, Interacciones, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and more to build high quality, feature-rich software.

Flyer has built a team of operational experts who manage and provide Managed FIX software-as-a-service. Our subject matter experts create and operate FIX servers for you to realize the full potential of our software to deliver the highest level of service and return on investment.

The FIX Flyer Engine is the first FIX server designed to manage high volume, ultra low latency trading networks and ECNs, easily scaling to thousands of connections.

FIX Flyer also provides the Daytona trade surveillance monitor, the F1 Risk Control Gateway, the Ignition regression test and certification tool; the Flyer Online hosted Order Management System, and the Flyer Trading Network.

FIX Flyer has headquarters in New York City with offices in Boston and Hyderabad India.

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About FIX Flyer

With over 120 clients worldwide, FIX Flyer develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies.

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