Advanced FIX Testing with Ignition 1.14

Advanced FIX Testing with Ignition 1.14

Ignition 1.14, the newest iteration of Flyer’s world-class FIX testing platform, brings powerful new features to accelerate FIX testing, certification, client onboarding and quality assurance. Variables, Conditional Logic, and templated Order Entry screens improve the efficiency, efficacy, and repeatability of testing.


Tags in test suites can now reference variables, allowing unprecedented flexibility in trading applications and algo testing. Your team can build and run the same tests against different environments, express complex interactions elegantly, and better reflect the true nature of your FIX workflows.

Conditional Logic

Ignition now supports complex If/Then/Else conditional logic for FIX validation and simulation, allowing nuanced and accurate handling of edge cases or branching behavior within a given trading workflow. A powerful tool for any FIX team, this greatly expands Ignition’s testing capabilities.

Templated Order Entry

In addition to its expansive suite and rule-driven FIX testing and simulation capabilities, Ignition now includes a template-driven dashboard for sending orders or other messages on demand. Build custom screens with the fields you need, configure default or automatic values for others, and see the results in a live blotter.

While this new feature is most commonly used as an order entry screen for ad-hoc testing, it is in no way restricted to this. Any FIX messages can be enabled with any tags, allowing rapid testing of arbitrary FIX workflows.

The Future of Ignition

Ignition, with these major new features, is designed to play a central role in FIX testing, client onboarding, certification, algo testing and validation. The 1.14 release also includes a wide variety of improvements, including Find & Replace support across test suites, improved UX in several areas, and better custom tag support.

Flyer continues to invest in the Ignition platform, and future releases will focus on increasingly sophisticated simulation capabilities, improved integration with other Flyer products (like the Daytona Trade Monitor or CertiFlyer), and a streamlined user experience.

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