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Leading overlay manager experiences increased productivity

April 3, 2007

New York, New York —  FIX Flyer, a leader in Financial Information Exchange (FIX) trading solutions, announced today that Placemark Investments, the investment industry’s largest independent provider of active overlay portfolio management services, has begun using FIX Flyer’s online service for trading and allocation management.

Flyer technology is an advanced application of the FIX protocol, the globally recognized messaging standard for real-time electronic securities transactions.

FIX Flyer enables Placemark to use its own file formats simplifying trade integration into Placemark’s proprietary investment management and accounting systems. Traders at Placemark stage and submit lists of orders by choosing an execution destination. Fills are allocated into potentially thousands of accounts using Flyer’s powerful web application designed to minimize keystrokes and processing on the trader’s desktop. Allocations are sent to the broker via FIX or custom formats and then translated back into Placemark’s native processes.

“With FIX Flyer we’ve been able to significantly reduce our daily process time each day,” said Richard Dion, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Placemark Investments, which has offices in Dallas and Wellesley, MA. “FIX Flyer provides us with an automated, high speed, scalable trading solution.”

One of the benefits to Placemark is that the new platform requires no software to be installed. FIX Flyer was able to create the hosted web allocations platform in four weeks. Replacing older client-server based technology, FIX Flyer enables Placemark to allocate accounts in a fraction of the time.

“We are very excited to deliver such productivity gains to Placemark,” said Brian Ross, CEO of New York-based FIX Flyer. “Saving traders this much time allows them to pursue new opportunities and provide outstanding service to clients.”

In addition to web application and integration, Flyer manages, certifies, and monitors FIX connectivity to Placemark’s growing list of partners.

About FIX Flyer

FIX Flyer develops and operates advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies.

Since 2005, as an agile technology provider, we have partnered with our 170+ clients worldwide, including UBS, Barclays, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Berenberg, Unicredit, GBM, Interacciones, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and more to build high quality, feature-rich software.

Flyer has built a team of operational experts who manage and provide Managed FIX software-as-a-service. Our subject matter experts create and operate FIX servers for you to realize the full potential of our software to deliver the highest level of service and return on investment.

The FIX Flyer Engine is the first FIX server designed to manage high volume, ultra low latency trading networks and ECNs, easily scaling to thousands of connections.

FIX Flyer also provides the Daytona trade surveillance monitor, the F1 Risk Control Gateway, the Ignition regression test and certification tool; the Flyer Online hosted Order Management System, and the Flyer Trading Network.

FIX Flyer has headquarters in New York City with offices in Boston and Hyderabad India.

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About FIX Flyer

With over 120 clients worldwide, FIX Flyer develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies.

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