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A Complete FIX Platform

The Flyer FIX engine is a proven, high performance, widely deployed Java-based FIX platform. Fully featured and extremely flexible, it serves as a standalone FIX engine, embedded FIX router, and FIX SDK all in one package. Open Modules framework allows rapid onboarding without writing any code. Included support for:

  • All FIX versions
  • All asset classes
  • All markets
  • All workflows
  • TLS encryption
  • Session command & control

Equally at home running as a standalone FIX gateway, integrated with a trading application, or serving as a FIX development platform. Our users range globally from small brokers to large exchanges.

MiFID II Ready

As a FIX platform, the Flyer FIX Engine is a ready component in your regulatory compliance stack.

  • High Precision Timestamps
  • Handle New Data Fields
  • Drop Copies for Reporting
  • FIX Algo Testing Platform/SDK


Fast & Flexible

Latency under 25μs. Market adapters, rule-based translations, configurable routing. High availability and clustering.  All user-configurable and extensively documented.

Tight Integration

API support for Java, C++, C#.NET, sockets. Middleware integration with Solace, Tervela, IBM LLM, and others. Integrate standalone or embedded in-process.  Direct database support.

Operations Friendly

Configurable, performance-oriented logging. Powerful command-line interface, APIs for command & control. Apply configuration changes live: no restarts required. Integrates natively with Flyer’s Trade Monitor. Developers are not required to deploy or manage.


Module Framework

The Flyer Engine comes with an extensive library of modules to handle your business logic. Create your own custom modules for complex or proprietary workflows.

  • Replay Blockers
  • ID Translation
  • Other Protocols (such as EURO CLEAR EMX)
  • Drop Copies
  • Service Bureau Aggregation
  • Groovy Modules
  • Imported Cameron-based MessageFilter classes

FIX Development Kit

This is not just a FIX engine, but a full FIX SDK. Full documentation, code examples, and first class developer support around the globe. We also offer professional services for proprietary customization.

For Brokers

The Flyer Engine can be deployed as a single FIX gateway for all of your connectivity, integrated with your trading applications, and connected to FIX networks. Manage up to hundreds of FIX sessions on a single FIX engine, with simple High Availability and consolidated Rules of Engagement, to keep you connected to the market.

For Exchanges

The Flyer Engine scales for distributed, Enterprise performance in high demand, high frequency environments. Deterministic latency across the entire trading day, extensive remote management/configuration capabilities, and the global SLAs you need to guarantee your uptime and your reputation.

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