Testing & Certification

Reliability and Reproducibility


FIX Testing & Simulation

FIX testing, certification, and simulation with Flyer’s comprehensive Ignition desktop test tool. Share test cases and workflow simulations throughout your team, replay FIX logs against test systems, or simulate counterparties for certification. Supports all versions of FIX, including custom tags.

Review test results live, or generate reports. Store FIX logs or workflows for repeatable tests across environments.

  • Supports all FIX versions
  • Includes sample workflows
  • Import/Export tests
  • Generate certification reports
  • Replay FIX logs
  • Test Algos for MiFID II
  • Import scripts from third party testing tools

Easy Migration

Ignition can import tests, scripts, and rules from third party FIX testing tools, QA tools, and even proprietary applications. Raw FIX logs can also be used to rapidly build new test suites! Leverage the value of your existing logs and tests.


Validate Entire FIX Infrastructure

  • Brings efficiency and conformity to enterprise-wide trading operations
  • Communicates directly with your FIX engine to test message delivery, reception, and processing
  • Create error scenarios such as missing fields and malformed messages
  • Load megabytes of FIX log files and instantly reply for regression testing
  • Test and certify at rates of thousands of messages per second for real world throughput stress scenarios


Simulate FIX Counterparties

  • Receives messages from your FIX infrastructure and tests them against your counterparty’s trade communication methods, responding with the necessary message sequence for trading efficiency
  • Achieve ongoing and consistent validation and certification with counterparties
  • Rapidly expand trade connectivity though onboarding of trading partners via the FIX protocol
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual testing practices dependent on counterparties or with recurring testing fees
  • Certify and test any FIX engine

Desktop Tool

Poweful FIX testing right from your desktop

  • Complete end-to-end testing of your entire electronic trading system
  • Easy-to-use GUI with no programming or scripting required. Even FIX newbies can be productive in minutes
  • Visually design trade workflow test case development with easily understood, rules-based message validation
  • Supports all versions of FIX with built-in flows for pre-trade, trade, and post-trade messaging.
  • Manage and re-use test cases that comprise trade workflows
  • Written in Java for performance and cross-platform support
  • Custom integration into your trading environments using our libraries so you can further automate your systems

FIX Testing Made Easy

Flyer’s Ignition test tool is used widely by brokers, sellsides, and exchanges. From single users to globally distributed FIX teams, it scales to all levels.

Certify your Counterparties

Certify your counterparty connections and your internal systems with the same tool, sharing test cases and results across your teams.

World Class Support

The Flyer team uses this same tool to test our own Flyer Trading Network. Gain access to example test cases, training, workshops, best practices, and professional services.

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