Trade Monitor

Comprehensive drop-in platform


Flyer’s comprehensive Daytona FIX monitoring platform, designed to work with all FIX engines, asset classes, and workflows. From trading to allocations, front to back office, Daytona provides monitoring, insight, alerting, and visibility with no integration and zero

Real Time Analysis

Live viewing of trades as they occur across all environments, organized not just by FIX session or FIX engine, but by counterparty, trader, account, even across sessions. There is no reason to wait for T+1 to analyze a problem.

Historical Archives

An independent, searchable archive of all your FIX flow.  Perform complex queries, generate reports for regulatory purposes, or analyze trends.


A valuable addition to your overall MiFID II compliance posture.

  • Pre/Post-Trade Transparency
  • Execution Quality Analysis
  • Timestamp Tracking/Reporting

Drop-in Deployment

No integration is required: our platform is designed to work with all FIX engines or systems. Read FIX log files or capture from the network, entirely out-of-band.

FIX Certification

Includes a robust automatic certification system to validate FIX workflows, pre-certify counterparties, and monitor Rules of Engagement compliance in real time.


Alert Templates

Configure real time alerts using natural language templates: no coding required. Shared console for acknowledging, investigating, and resolving problems across your organization.

  • Engine Status
  • FIX Session Status
  • Rejections
  • Duplicate Orders
  • Stale Orders
  • Unacknowledged Orders
  • Latency
  • Reject Ratios
  • Order Volume
  • Message Rates


Send these alerts onward to team members or systems with emails and SNMP.

The Importance of Good Alerting

FIX Insight

Live FIX Streams

Analyze FIX workflows live from any part of your infrastructure with human readable tags, splitouts by account, subsession, or other tags, and automatic workflow tracing. Filterable, sortable, exportable.

Historical FIX Archives

Perform complex queries from Daytona’s high performance Lucene index of all your FIX flow using the Flyer’s powerful FUEL – FIX Universal Expression Language.  Useful for compliance reporting, T+1 troubleshooting, and workflow analysis.


Automatically trace FIX workflows, see the messages associated with an alert, drill down into a complex problem quickly and effectively. Enumerated FIX tags and meanings shown alongside the raw values. Alerts include configurable details about the messages, orders, or events that raised them.

FUEL – FIX Universal Expression Language

Rules of Engagement


Create validation rules from included templates to monitor live FIX flow for compliance with your Rules of Engagement.

  • Message Validation
  • Request/Response Validation
  • Blocker Workflows (e.g., reject storms)

Expressed in the same FUEL notation used throughout Flyer’s products, you can quickly build large libraries of validation rules.


Generate reports showing which counterparties have successfully demonstrated required workflows, including FIX logs and examples of passed or failed workflows along with the reasons they passed or failed.  View in Daytona, or export spreadsheets, PDFs, even raw FIX logs related to the certification.

Can be used in conjunction with Flyer’s Ignition FIX Test Tool.

Validations Deep Dive

For Brokers

Monitor all your FIX connectivity in one simple, consolidated platform.

For Exchanges

High performance and enterprise-grade scaling for the extreme demands of exchange workflows.

For Regulators

Powerful queries, historical archives, and compliance alerts for things like Wash Sales, Quote Stuffing, or Backing Away.

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