The next generation multi-asset portfolio trading platform
for the alpha-driven wealth manager

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Discover the Freedom to Run Your Firm How You Want.

Check Your Systems

To grow your business, you need a comprehensive investment platform – with freedom to manage portfolio and trading strategies across asset classes, custodians and counterparties with clarity before, during and after the trade. You need a partner who positions you for growth and stability.

  • Does your system save you time and allow you to spend more time with clients?
  • Is your platform capable and smart with all asset classes and custodians?
  • Can you manage and trade models and positions with all custodians simultaneously?
  • Is your system flexible and powerful enough for you meet your portfolio and trading fiduciary guidelines?
  • Do you have the flexibility to control your platform with both GUIs and APIs?

Broaden Your Horizons

Co-Pilot offers a smart, scalable, multi-asset portfolio and order management platform that supports you before, during and after the trade. Our web-based platform streamlines system set-up and gives you the tools to:

  • Construct multi-asset portfolios and models supported by drift analysis, rebalancing and portfolio trading
  • Manage orders across equities, options, futures and fixed income
  • Coordinate compliance management across the investment lifecycle with monitoring pre-trade, post-trade and at end-of-day
  • Directly connect you to all of your custodians and brokers for account and position data, order execution and post-trade processing via the Co-Pilot API

Elevate Your Perspective

Co-Pilot lets you see clearly across your models, trades, sleeves, portfolios and households — in the aggregate and drill down to specific positions, custodians and brokers. It provides you the freedom to invest the way you want. Hosted, web-based and broker neutral application, Co-Pilot is fast to connect and always up-to-date. With intelligence, flexibly and global connectivity, Co-Pilot is the navigational partner you need. Purpose-built and continually evolving to stay ahead of the curve, Co-Pilot lest you focus on your clients and where you’re going, so you can move about your business with confidence. Roger that!

Key Features

  • Multi-asset support ­­­‑ equities, ETFS, mutual funds, options, futures and bonds
  • Manage complex asset allocation and portfolio strategies with model of models capabilities
  • Build customized portfolio & trade compliance rules
  • Quickly build ad-hoc positions and deploy investable cash
  • Portfolio modeling tool to quickly build adhoc positions and deploy cash
  • Real-time insight into positions and transactions with market data integration
  • Built-in support for order blocking, trade aways, broker algorithms, trade rotation, and electronic routing
  • Agile, automated allocation management with pre- and post-trade algorithms
  • Extensive API support: FIX, API, file-based and data exporting

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