Flyer Trading Network

Flexible Wealth Management Execution & Allocation Network


Flyer Trading Network is a multi-asset, fully encrypted broker-neutral network normalizing connectivity from technology platforms to brokers and custodians. Now your trading system can securely connect anywhere with FTN’s API, eliminating the the hassle of integrating and managing a FIX engine or developing custom interfaces. Simplify and secure the integration of your Portfolio or Order Management Systems.


Client Verification

Our team manages every stage of onboarding, verifying the identity of your clients and managing their credentials. Rest assured that your counterparty is who they say they are, communicating over a secure channel.

Data Security

Data security is important to us. Our network natively supports TLS/SSL at the FIX level, PGP encrypted file drop boxes, and secure network connections. Whatever the workflow, your data is safe.

Application Air Gap

Clients never connect directly to your systems: only their transactions are sent. Our messaging hub provides a secure layer of separation protecting your network.

Operational Security

We employ Intrusion Detection Systems, double-ended firewalls, secure servers, and regular audits to ensure a strong security posture following industry best practices.


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Easy Connectivity

FIX sessions, drop copies, files, or API connections are available on both sides of every connection, allowing nearly any platform to be connected with little or no integration work required.

Workflow Agnostic

Whatever your workflow, we’ll handle it seamlessly.

  • Orders
  • Allocations
  • IOIs
  • Drop Copy Executions
  • End of Day Files
  • Block Executions
  • Algos

Global Reach

With endpoints in the United States and Continental Europe, quickly get online with counterparties around the world without needing to maintain a full FIX stack.

Technology & Integration

Based on Enterprise Technology

The Flyer Trading Network runs on Flyer software. Proven, powerful, and entirely behind the scenes, it gives the flexibility of a full enterprise platform.

Designed for Ease of Use

  • Zero install software so you can start trading straight away
  • Send order and allocation files using ftp or email attachments directly from your proprietary applications
  • Eliminates the need for buy-side, in-house FIX engines, FIX developers or certification
  • Validates and normalizes security symbols protecting you from costly errors
  • Introduces processes so you can simplify your workflow
  • Measure your broker’s performance intra-day with web-based monitoring tools

MiFID II Ready

  • Pre/Post-Trade Transparency
  • Execution Quality Analysis
  • High Precision Timestamps
  • Transaction Reporting to ARMs
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  • Transform, validate and normalize your order files into real-time, industry standard FIX order messages at over 20,000 orders/second
  • Eliminate proprietary order entry systems so you can have one consistent and easy to replicate workflow with all of your counter parties
  • Already certified for trading and allocations with many brokers
  • Receive executions in your own format for near real time or end of day updating and drop copying


  • Handles pre- and post-trade allocations intra day or end of day
  • Translates your allocation file to and from your broker, whether it’s proprietary or FIX
  • Automatically matches and blocks executions to simplify post trade processing
  • Process End-of-Day files for reconciling quickly with your own systems
  • Drop copies can be sent back to multiple systems to keep you in sync


  • Access your broker’s algorithms so you can pounce on new market opportunities
  • New broker algorithms are quickly added using the industry led Algorithm Template Description Language (ATDL)
  • Create your own custom algorithms that run from our servers, giving you more freedom from your brokers

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